The treadmill is a dirty filthy liar

If you’ve been reading my posts lately you know that I have been pushing really hard on my treadmill intervals. According to the treadmill I’ve been running much faster than I used to. At the beginning of March I did 3 miles in  24:38 and almost every time I have run since then I’ve been … Continue reading

Work it!

I was so right on Monday when I said it was going to be a great week. I got my 4 work outs in and boy were they good! Sunday: Rest Monday: 2.5 miles in 19:58! FASTEST I’ve EVER run!! Then 20 minutes on the elliptical. Followed by: overhead dumbbell shoulder press (15 reps) lateral … Continue reading

Starting this week off right!

I can already tell this is going to be a better/healthier week than last week. I didn’t spend my Sunday hung over and eating junk like I did last week. In fact, I had a pretty healthy Sunday. My day started off with my smoothie concoction and then I didn’t really eat lunch. Instead I had … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Concoction

Sunday is grocery shopping day. This means that on Sunday mornings the refrigerator is pretty much void of anything worth eating. Today was even worse than usual since I am in the midst of a challenge to spend less money on groceries (check out my post over at I usually enjoy some eggs on … Continue reading

My legs are screaming and I love it

Here is an rundown of my workouts for the past couple days Thursday: 30 minutes of Treadmill Intervals (2 min/1min) 3 miles in 24:38 and then cooled down by running at 6.5 until i got to 30 minutes * I beat last weeks 3 mile time by 16 seconds and this time my calves didn’t cramp … Continue reading

Strong is the new skinny!

Nothing like a rainy and relaxing Saturday morning to catch up on some blogging…. I’m feeling healthier, faster, tighter, and more fit since 3 weeks ago when i started to really amp up my workouts! Unfortunately I still let the scale determine my happiness! I made the mistake of stepping on the dreaded scale this … Continue reading

Do Not Pass Go…

I’m embarrassed to report that I did not work out last night like I was supposed to (sad face). That makes two nights in a row this week and I’m pretty disappointed in myself. I can still achieve my goal of 4 workouts a week but it means I have to work out tonight after work, … Continue reading

Will. Not. Snack.

It’s 9pm and Lukasz is sitting next to me snacking and I AM NOT. I’m determined to achieve this goal. Moving on…I’m pretty bummed about it, but I ended up not going to the gym today after work. My stomach just wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t think jiggling it around at the gym would … Continue reading

Let’s start this Lent thing over shal we

As I am sitting here at work, I had a random thought about how awful I have been doing on my “lent resolution” of not snacking after dnner… In my last lent update my success rate was 66.6% and I said I could do better than that. Well, now it is down to 50%. Saturday night I … Continue reading