Week One

Last week was technically week one. I kept track of everything but didn’t quite get around to setting up the blog… until now

Here’s a rundown…

Bfast (9:30) plain chobani with 1 tbsp of pbutter and 1/2 banana.
Lunch (1:45) gluten free (gf) wrap with lettuce, hummus, black beans, avocado, peppers,onions and feta

Dinner (5:30) rotisserie chicken, mashed sweet potatos, green beans. Chocolate cake

The only workout I got in today was the “Ab Ripper X” video from P90X. As always it was a good quick burn.

(8:00)2 hardboiled egg whites and coffee
(12:00) 1/2 cup cottage cheese with pineapples and strawberries
(1:30) Cara Cara Orange (Definitely a new favorite!)
(3:00) almonds/energize water

Workout: 30min on the arc trainer (not in the mood for a long cardio routine)
and a “crunch circuit”

Crunch circuit
60 sec plank
60 sec jumping jacks
60 sec bicycle crunches
60 sec left side plank hold
60 sec jumping jacks
60 sec right side plank
60 secs crunches
60 sec jumping jacks
60 sec knee to chest plank
60 sec left side crunches
60 sec right side crunches
60 sec jumping jacks
This workout was adapted from a workout found on Fitness and Feta

6:30 I loved yesterday’s wrap so much I made it again and this time I added chicken!
8:30 rice crackers with 1.5 tbsp of pbutter and 1/4 of a banana 225

1 hardboiled egg and Coffee
1/2 cup Cottage cheese w pineapples and strawberries 125
17 rice crackers with laughing cow blue cheese 165 and a hot cocoa 70
2 chocolate covered banana pieces
(Sent to my office for valentines day from my amazing boyfriend Lukasz)
and my gosh were they delicious!

Dinner was gluten free chix sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms over spaghetti squash (instead of the usual rice)

Today’s workout was a good one!
20min on the treadmill
20min on the stairmaster (Fat Burn, Level 11)
5 min on jacobs ladder
Upper body pyramid

1 hardboiled egg and Coffee 75
Vanilla  chobani w bananas + strawberries
12 Blue Diamond Almond Crackers
Orange + 10 almonds
Veggie chili (Recipe to follow soon)
Another Chocolate covered banana (damn you Lukasz)

Today’s workout was similar to yesterday’s
20 min on the elliptical (Cross ramp at 10 resistance between 10 and 18)
7 minutes on Jacobs Ladder (500 ft)
5 more min on elliptical (while I waited for Lukasz to finish jacobs ladder)
and then finished it off with the crunch circuit from Monday

Cara Cara orange & coffee
Vanilla Chobani with “pb2” (stay tuned for a blog about this stuff) and 1/2 banana
Left over veggie chili
Almond crackers
Stuffed peppers, salad and red wine (with my lovely sister and her pups)

Orange & coffee
Plain chobani with strawberries and  1/4 of a banana
15 almonds and hot cocoa
1/2 stuffed pepper

A great workout again today!
But a quick one b/c we are off to Portland Maine for the night
30 min on stairmaster (186 floors) KILLER!
and a quick upper body workout.

Followed by a Protein shake
and some Burgers and Beers on a random trip to Portland, Maine

Saturday we spent the day in Portland and I didn’t keep track of anything.
had some delicious gelato and a cappuccino though 🙂

Sorry for this long weeks worth post. I am going to try and post daily from now on 🙂 and I promise to go into detail with great recipes and workouts I discover!


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