Will. Not. Snack.

It’s 9pm and Lukasz is sitting next to me snacking and I AM NOT. I’m determined to achieve this goal.

Moving on…I’m pretty bummed about it, but I ended up not going to the gym today after work. My stomach just wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t think jiggling it around at the gym would be a very good idea. It’s not really a huge deal because my ultimate workout goal is to get in 4 solid workouts a week and it’s only tuesday. I can still do it.

This week so far:

Sunday: Rest

• 15 min on the treadmill on rolling hills (max incline 10) avg speed was 9:13/mile which is pretty good for a hill run. Calories burned: 220
• 20 min on the stair-master (fat burn mode/moving the resistance between 12 and 15) Calories burned: 270
• 500 ft on jacob’s ladder (8 minutes) Calories burned: 95
• Followed by a shoulders/arms routine below (inspired by P90X)

Tuesday: Rest 😦

Now I have to get 3 more killer workouts in this week…Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday is the plan.

Since we are both doing the Tough Mudder (with 18 other people on our team) I told Lukasz he could plan the workouts this week. As hard as it is for me to not have control (Yes, I may be a little bit of a control freak) it’s a good thing for me to learn.

Stay tuned for updates on how Lukasz kicks my bum in the gym this week.

Now I’m off to start reading Catching Fire!


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