Do Not Pass Go…

I’m embarrassed to report that I did not work out last night like I was supposed to (sad face). That makes two nights in a row this week and I’m pretty disappointed in myself. I can still achieve my goal of 4 workouts a week but it means I have to work out tonight after work, Friday after work and on Saturday as well. I usually load my workouts in at the beginning of the week because, as I’ve mentioned, as the week winds down so does my motivation to work out. Unfortunately I have no choice this week. I must to push hard for the next 3 days and Sunday will be (as it should) a day of rest.

Lesson learned this week
Drive directly to the gym after work! Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

I bring my workout clothes to work with me every day. When I get out at 5pm, I drive directly to the gym. As I have learned before, and I learned again last night, going home first is a motivation killer! It was snowing when I got out of work and I thought to myself “I’ll just stop at home and meet Lukasz before the gym so we can take his truck”. BAD IDEA! The minute I walked in the door all motivation to workout was gone.

I don’t feel wicked guilty because I actually got some stuff done. I organized the closet, cleaned the kitchen, made some delicious veggie chili, and did 2 loads of laundry…yet somehow I still feel like a bum 😦

I WILL go to the gym tonight and I WILL go hard! Tough Mudder is only 66 days away!


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