My legs are screaming and I love it

Here is an rundown of my workouts for the past couple days


30 minutes of Treadmill Intervals (2 min/1min) 3 miles in 24:38 and then cooled down by running at 6.5 until i got to 30 minutes * I beat last weeks 3 mile time by 16 seconds and this time my calves didn’t cramp up and ruin the rest of my workout!

After the treadmill intervals it was on to the stair-master for 15 minutes. Followed by a circuit workout I found on one of my favorite blogs Sweet tooth Sweet Life!

I’m a little disappointed in Lukasz and I, but after 45 minutes of push-ourselves cardio we were only able to run through this circuit twice instead of the 3 times she suggests. We’re gonna go at this one again next week and I am determined to do all 3 sets!

Friday: (fyi my quads are screaming today!)

10 minutes on Treadmill (6.5-7.0)
15 minutes on Elliptical (Cross-ramp=20, Resistance=9)

“Full Body Fun” Circuit
15 Burpees
Kettle Bell Swings (2 sets of 15)
10 lunge w/twist @12lbs
10 plie squats @12lbs
10 jump squats
Repeat Set

10 push-ups
10 tricep dips
20 bicep curls @10lbs
60s Plank with arm + leg lift
30s Right side plank + leg lift
30s Left side plank + leg lift
Repeat Set

10 v-ups @12
20 Russian twists @12lb
15 ab roll ups @12lb
Repeat Set

I’m happy to say that we were able to complete this circuit and it was a good one!

My legs are still screaming today but I’m really in the mood for a workout (and I’d like to achieve my 4 workout per week goal). I just had a deliciously healthy egg white scramble with peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach, and a little feta and I’m feeling super energized 🙂

So i think I’m just going to do some light cardio and an arm and ab workout.

and in case you’ve lost track…Tough Mudder is in 62 days!


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