Strong is the new skinny!

Nothing like a rainy and relaxing Saturday morning to catch up on some blogging….

I’m feeling healthier, faster, tighter, and more fit since 3 weeks ago when i started to really amp up my workouts! Unfortunately I still let the scale determine my happiness! I made the mistake of stepping on the dreaded scale this morning. It’s probably been about 2 weeks since I weighed myself and gosh darnit the number just never goes below 155! This morning I was 155.4 and although I wasn’t completely disappointed, I did feel slightly defeated.

But why the hell does it matter to me? Why do i want so badly to see the number go below 150? If I feel good, I’m eating healthy, and I’m working harder than ever (and actually enjoying it) then why does it matter to me what that damn number is? I need to put an end to caring about the stupid number. I have muscle! I’m strong! I’m athletic! I’m healthy! I feel good!

Starting today I am going to try harder than ever to just not think about the scale or the number. I am going to continue working hard, pushing myself, and eating healthy. It’s the lifestyle I enjoy living and its time to stop thinking about it as something I am doing so i can see results, but just as the life I’m living because it feels freaking good to push my limits and take care of my body! I’m strong and that’s a hell of a lot better than being “skinny”!

I will not step on the scale or even think about the number for a whole month! On April 3rd i can weigh myself and hopefuly by then the number will be just that, a number.

Wow it feels good to say that!!!





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