Starting this week off right!

I can already tell this is going to be a better/healthier week than last week. I didn’t spend my Sunday hung over and eating junk like I did last week. In fact, I had a pretty healthy Sunday. My day started off with my smoothie concoction and then I didn’t really eat lunch. Instead I had a snack of Blue Diamond Almond Crackers with hummus with a string cheese around 2:30pm; followed by another snack of dry cheerios around 4:30. I’m usually much hungrier on Sundays but I was occupied with making wall art. Dinner consisted of cod, quinoa, brussel sprouts and asparagus. Then instead of snacking after dinner I had a cup of “Berry Detox” tea. I didn’t get a workout in yesterday (my legs are still sore) but all in all it was a healthy day.

Today is turning out to be just as healthy. Breakfast was my normal coffee and hardboiled egg. I wasn’t hungry for my mid-morning snack (so I ate it with my lunch). For lunch I had a delicious spinach salad and a vanilla choabani with PB2 and 1/4 of a banana. If I get hungry before I leave work at 5pm I still have 14 almonds and a cara cara orange to snack on. Tonight’s workout is going to be 40 minutes of cardio split between treadmill intervals and the elliptical followed by the same full body circuit I did on Friday. My legs are still sore though (I can’t even believe it) so I am a little nervous for my workout.

And here is the wall art I made yesterday!


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