This morning’s breakfast change up: Oat Fit

First quick tidbit you should know is that I have a serious gum chewing habit. Sometimes I chew two whole packs in one work day. Second thing you need to know is that I live directly across the street from Target. I can see the lit up red bulls eye from my bedroom window. In a given week I usually run to Target at least twice for absolutely no reason at all and come home with bags worth of merchandise.

Last night was no different; after the gym I ran into target to JUST grab a couple packs of gum. Somehow after walking through the clothing section (and picking up a few things) I ended up in the food aisle. I grabbed Lukasz a bag of tortilla chips and then caught a glimpse of this cute little package of oatmeal.

 Since it had “fit” in the name I was obviously drawn to it. Then I saw that it was only 100 calories, had no added sugar, AND had flax seed. Since I should probably stray from my eating hardboiled eggs every single morning of my life I decided to buy it.

Here is what I came home with after my trip to target to get gum:

1. Essie Nail Polish (Tart-Decco)
2. A cute grey shirt that I am wearing today
3. A bright striped tanktop
4. A bag of Tortilla Chips (for Lukasz)
5. A box of OatFit

As you’ll notice, I forgot to grab the gum!

Any who. The moral of this story is that the OatFit was a perfect breakfast. I threw it in my bag last night and made it once I got to work this morning. The package is even nifty; after you pour the oats out the packet has a line on it that you fill the water up to. I mixed a half of a banana into it and chowed down (I was going to take a picture of the final product but got too excited. By the time I remembered, the bowl was empty). It was a perfectly hefty portion and I am feeling full, satisfied, and ready to take on the day.


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