Update: Weekend Aspirations

Yes, I know it’s Monday night and I am just getting back on here to follow up on my weekend aspirations.
But here it is, my somewhat completed list…

1. Re-organize and clean out the kitchen cabinets
2. Write for my personal blog
3. Make some wall art
4. Paint the bathroom (with one of the million left over paint cans in the closet)
5. Make some “Cupcake-wars-worthy cupcakes”
6. Work on my recipe book
7. Finish The Hunger Games
8. Try out Mint.com
9. Get a good workout in (A good solid Tough Mudder Workout!)

Once I finally closed the computer on Saturday and started my day it was almost noon. I went to the gym with more energy than usual and was ready for a kick ass, push myself, Tough Mudder workout.

Here was my plan:

3 miles of treadmill intervals
20 minutes on the stair master on Fat Burn Level 15 (trying not to hold on at all)

10 pushups, 20 plank knee twists (repeat)
Single leg dips (10 on each leg) then 20 hovering sit-ups (repeat)
20 triceps press pushups (10 on each side) then 20 side plank sweep throughs (10 on each side) (repeat)
10 shoulder pushups then 10 leg circle crunches (repeat)

As I said, that was the PLAN…

My treadmill intervals were feeling freaking awesome. I started at 6.3 for 2 minutes and then bumped it up to 7.5 for 1 minute. I planned on continuing this pattern until I got to 3 miles but when it was time to go back down to 6.3 I decided to only go to 6.5 and then I bumped it up to 7.8. Then i only went down to 6.8 for 2 minutes and bumped it up to 8.0 for one minute. I lost track after that but at one point my 1 minute intervals were up to 9.5.

Let me give you a quick background here. I comfortably run 10 minute miles anytime I run 3 miles or more. If I run just one mile I can usually run a little bit over an 8 min mile. I have run tons of 5ks and my personal best is 27:13. Doing This treadmill interval run  I was able to do 3 miles in 24:53!

When the treadmill stopped I was so happy I almost cried…And then I actually started to cry because I instantly had balls of rock in my calves! I am not a wimp and I rarely ever give-up, but I couldn’t even walk. I tried walking a lap around the indoor track and had to sit down twice. My awesome workout plan was foiled and I had to sit there in pain and wait for Lukasz to finish his workout. Luckily by Sunday my calves were fine but wow I have never been in that much pain. I can honestly say that is that hardest i have ever pushed myself! Damn it felt good.

The rest of my saturday was filled with cupcake baking and reading.
I decided to experiment and made zucchini-raspberry-chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and chocolate covered raspberries on top. They were too die for.

And Dallas watched while I baked.

And finally on Sunday night at 11:30 pm I finished The Hunger Games. I definitely recommend reading it!
It is the kind of book that sucks you in and you just can’t put it down.

The next book in the series, Catching Fire, will be on my list of aspirations for next weekend along with everything else I didn’t complete from this weekend’s list.


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